Who are The Bullhounds? Well, a band with a different history that wants to rock – to put it short and modest!

Back in the late 1980s the great Southern rock band The Georgia Satellites sold millions of albums, had big hits with “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”, “Hippy Hippy Shake” and “Battleship Chains” and played concerts that the spectators never will forget. The band split in two in 1991: Vocalist/guitar player Dan Baird pursued a solo career and together with drummer Mauro Magellan he continued under his own name. Guitar player Rick Richards and bass player Rick Price continued under the Georgia Satellites name.

Lead singer Erling Daell bumped into Rick in a blues bar in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1996 and a few years later he met Mauro and Keith who were touring Denmark with Dan Baird. The years went by and in 2010 Erling told Rick that he was thinking of making a rock band and maybe – hypothetically – that band would eventually record an album. Rick said:

– If you’re making an album, I wanna play guitar on that album.

A few months later Erling talked to Mauro who said:

– If you’re making an album, I wanna play drums on that album.

Bass player Keith Christopher from the pre-Georgia Satellites line-up Keith And The Satellites joined and Erling had not only gathered a band, but reunited some of the strongest rockers for the first time in 25 years. This was to become The Bullhounds.

The debut album “protector” even included guitar player Peter Stroud from Sheryl Crow’s band. It generated quite some success and made it to number 4 in the Danish album charts. It was also the 4th best album released in 2014 according to Rocktip in Germany. Many positive reactions paved the way to a new recording session that turned into “To Rock & To Serve” released in 2016.

The Bullhounds want to rock. The band see it as an honor as well as an important task to revitalize pure, no bull straight, fat and greasy Southern rock. Rick, Mauro and Keith playing together today – with all their musical experience – is just as tight and thick as Southern rock will ever get. Nobody else does it better. Add the vocals from Erling and the result gets even more powerful. It bites.

The band has found its own crisp sound that is not just rooted in the inspiration from The Black Crowes, Jet, The Hives, Ramones and Neil Young & Crazy Horse; it’s also rooted in the sheer joy of playing together, exchanging ideas and challenging each other.

Erling states:

– The Bullhounds will guarantee you fresh, pure and raw rock. Today, much music is so overproduced that you cannot feel the life and the nerve. Above all, life and nerve is what rock‘n’roll is about.

The albums are not recorded with modern studio equipment. Even a tape machine has been involved in the process. Everything to create a full-bodied, warm yet raw sound that fits the music. Jeff Bakos (sound engineer/wizard from Atlanta – and playing in The Western Sizzlers with Rick) fully understands the roots and the soul of Southern rock which you will probably agree on when listening to The Bullhounds’ music.

The name of the band came to life because of a poodle joke gone bad that ended up with The Bullhounds. Such a dog actually exists in Australia: A small, fast and aggressive bastard that takes on hogs twice its size without a shred of fear.

The Bullhounds are:

Erling Daell – vocals                                                                                                                                                                              Mauro Magellan – drums (Georgia Satellites, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin)
Rick Richards – guitar (Georgia Satellites, Izzy Stradlin)                                                                                                     Keith Christopher – bass (Keith & the Satellites, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Kenny Wayne Shepherd)

The band’s logo is inspired by Paul Klee’s painting “The Protector” from 1926.

For all contacts please write thebullhounds@rockbastard.com