In one of the world’s leading magazines

September 30 2016

Classic Rock UK just reviewed “To Rock & To Serve”. They have good taste… Read the brilliant review in the press section!

6 live songs will be released on video here!

July 28 2016

Over the next few weeks we’ll release 6 live songs on video. Have a look in the video section here on our webpage and get rocked!

“To Rock & To Serve” is released today!

April 15 2016

Today is the day: Our album “To Rock & To Serve” is released internationally! Classic Rock Italy writes (May 2016 issue – look under “Press” for the full review in Italian): “Probably real rock is this: Solid, dirty and direct, like a hook under the chin.” That’s about right and very intended! Get it from your local store or online and try the feel of that hook under your chin!

Release of “To Rock & To Serve” April 15, new photos & possible tours

March 21 2016

“To Rock & To Serve” is out internationally April 15 and will be distributed in most of the western world. As previously mentioned, there’ll be 2 tracks available for download and on CD only.

We’ve updated the photo page with pictures from our great and very successful tour of Denmark and Sweden in January. Have a look!

Last but not least: We might do a short tour of Northern Europe in August and a longer one the same place in February 2017. We’re talking to promoters right now. Stay tuned!

Helsingborg-show probably cancelled

January 24 2016

Hi Sweden! Due to circumstances that are completely out of our control, we’re sorry to announce that the show at The Cabaret (Helsingborg) Saturday January 30 will not happen. We’re trying to find out if we can find another venue in or around Helsingborg, but it’s more likely that there won’t be a show on Saturday. Therefore we recommend you to attend the show in Malmö tomorrow night instead. Tickets are still available. If you have bought tickets for The Cabaret, please contact your ticket provider.

Extra guitar sauce on the tour!

January 17 2016

We’ve added an extra great guitar player for the tour of Denmark and Sweden: Swedish rocker Mikael Fässberg. Mikael has spent a lot of time on the road with Bonafide, with former Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton, and has played lead guitar for former Iron Maiden singer Paul DiAnno for four years, as well as touring with Jason & The Scorchers / Dan Baird guitarslinger Warner E. Hodges. More guitar sauce for you!

Mikael Fässberg 2

Here’s our new baby!

January 6 2016

Baby will be out in Denmark and Sweden January 8 and in the rest of the world April 15 – but you can get it in our webstore right here from January 8 no matter where you live. It’s got a 12 page booklet with a lot of interesting stuff. Make your neighbors happy – get it and turn up the volume!

Album til hjemmeside

New album, single, video and tour!

November 28 2015

Our new album “To Rock & To Serve” will come in two versions: The sold version with 14 tracks and the streamed with 12. If you don’t buy the album and only stream it, 100 entire streamed albums equals 1 sold album, so we want to give the buyers a little extra. The album will be released in Denmark and Sweden January 8 2016 and in the “rest of the world” April 15. Listen to some snippets right here on our website!

First single “Everybody For Themselves” will be out December 11. Check out the new cool video!

Our tour of Denmark and Sweden will be January 21-30 2016. Come see us!

New album & tour!

August 31 2015

Our new, great album “To Rock & To Serve” (most likely the title) will be out January 2016. And then we’ll tour Northern Europe…  More news to come shortly. Keep yourself updated right here!

New recording and change in line up

May 1 2015

Almost a year after the release of our debut album “protector”, we’ll cut our second next week in Atlanta. Out of more than 30 songs, we’ll nail it down to recording just about half of that. A very strong half, that is. Due to many activities and obligations in life, Peter Stroud will not be able to be a part of The Bullhounds anymore. Rick Richards will play all guitars on the coming album. Expect rock’n’roll control!

Protector 4th best album of 2014

January 7 2015

According to (Germany) “protector” is the 4th best album of 2014! We do better than Rival Sons’ “Great Western Kalkyrie” (6th place), but are surpassed by Thae Quireboys’ “Black Eyed Sons” (3rd). Both are bands we highly respect.

On another note, our song “Make It” was nominated for best rock song of 2014 by Danish radio station myROCK. We didn’t win this time though!

We’re celebrating Germany’s football world championship!

July 14 2014

Congratulations Germany! We’re celebrating by posting some German interviews and reviews! (look under “Press” here on our website).

Thanks for your support! No. 4 in Denmark!

June 13 2014

We’re proud to announce that we’ve gone right into the Danish Album Top 40 on number 4 during week 23 of 2014! Rock on Denmark!

Rocks Magazin Germany!

May 19 2014

The Bullhounds will appear in the next Rocks Magazin in Germany out June 11 with an interview and a song from “protector” on the CD sampler that comes with the magazine! Read about Rocks here:

New rock‘n’roll supergroup announce debut

March 2 2014

With a cast of internationally renowned musicians, The Bullhounds are set to be one of the purest rock‘n’roll explosions of the year. Their first record – ‘protector’ – was made in a frenzy of friendship and fun, and it is out on May 23 2014.

Erling Daell Danish business entrepreneur and music aficionado turned singer/frontman has assembled a stellar lineup with three former members of Southern rock legends Georgia Satellites and guitarist Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow, Pete Droge & The Sinners).

They have joined forces to craft a genuine rock‘n’roll record – ‘protector’ – which is out May 23 2014.

– It was central for me to make something pure. Today, much music is so overproduced that I cannot feel the life and the nerve. Above all, life and nerve is what rock ‘n’ roll is about, says Erling Daell.

Daell has been the axis of the project as a chain reaction of coincidences, promises and positive response led him on a quest to create an album. He has known the former members of Georgia Satellites personally since the mid-90’s, and hearing about his plans, they all volunteered to throw in their talents.

– This has all been realized by the urge to contribute, and it shows how far you can come by just believing in the power of rock ‘n’ roll. So yes, we are the protectors of rock‘n’roll, says Erling Daell.

So rooted in the sheer joy of playing together, exchanging ideas and challenging each other, The Bullhounds have the crispness of The Black Crowes, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and the unspoiled energy of The Hives and Ramones. Daell has gathered songs from various sources such as a songwriting team whose merits include Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy and former Georgia Satellites’ front man Dan Baird.

This all to secure one thing: Powerful tunes in a powerful setting.

The Bullhounds are:

Erling Daell – vocals
Mauro Magellan – drums (Georgia Satellites, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin)
Rick Richards – guitar (Georgia Satellites, Izzy Stradlin)
Keith Christopher – bass (Keith & the Satellites, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Kenny Wayne Shepherd)
Peter Stroud – guitar (Sheryl Crow. Pete Droge & The Sinners)

“Protector” is produced by Jeff Bakos, Mauro Magellan, Erling Daell & Peter Stroud.